Emotional Regulation

emotional regulation - ultimate life now

You are blessed by God to be an emotional being. But you live east of Eden, in a fallen world, and the emotional struggles are a tremendous challenge for every human being. The common thread of most problems (especially marital issues, mental illness, personality disorders, financial issues, relational issues) involve emotional regulation. In this book, you will learn a dozen proven strategies to deal with any and all of your emotional challenges. This is a must-read for anyone desiring to gain superb control of his/her emotions.

Bold Love

bold love book - ultimate life now

We live in an astounding era of sexual challenge. For men living in the Kingdom of God, BOLD approaches are necessary to deal with the intense level of sexual temptation. Men need real solutions to their sexual issues–they need BOLD approaches that are actually effective.

BOLD LOVE will equip men of all ages with the material and resources they need in order to become the lover that God intended them to be, while experiencing the wonderful joys in achieving sexual integrity.

Essentials Every Couple Needs for a Happy, Healthy, and Successful Relationship

essentials every couple needs book - ultimate life now

If you are going to have a marital relationship, why not make it a happy, healthy, and successful one? Dr. Pickering lays out the essentials necessary to have such a relationship: the 4 loves (eros, philia, storge, agape), intimacy – the 12 ways to journey into each other, values, temperament, handling conflict, interpreting each other accurately, communication, maintaining a positive culture for the relationship, boundaries, gender differences and needs, and much more…

Assert Yourself! Be Firm! Stand Up for Yourself! Be a Good Steward of Your Life!

ASSERT YOURSELF book - ultimate life now

We tend to default to being passive (passive compliant, passive aggressive, passive resistant, or passive indifferent) or to being aggressive – neither of these are effective. Your effectiveness as a disciple of Jesus comes in being assertive. Jesus modeled this magnificently. This material will provide for you the compelling reasons for being assertive (vs. passive or aggressive) and the strategies to be effectively assertive.

Love: Understanding and Experiencing the Best

love understanding and expectation the best book - ultimate life now

What's the Point? How to Find Significance in Life

so whats the point book - ultimate life now