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Dr. Alan Pickering - Founder of Ultimate Life Now & Lead Counselor


BOLD LOVE We live in an astounding era of sexual challenge. For men living in the Kingdom of God, BOLD approaches are necessary to deal with the intense level of sexual temptation. Men need real solutions to their sexual issues–they need BOLD approaches that are actually effective.
This seminar will equip men of all ages with the material and resources they need in order to become the lover that God intended them to be, while experiencing the wonderful joys in achieving sexual integrity.

ASSERTIVENESS There are 4 different ways people handle their emotions. One can be passive complaint, passive aggressive, or aggressive. These three are all ineffective. The only effective way to handle our emotions is through ASSERTIVENESS.
ASSERTIVENESS is an interpersonal relationship skill and the only effective way to deal with other people and the issues we face in life.
This seminar will equipped people to be wonderfully ASSERTIVE.

EMOTIONAL REGULATION We are all emotional beings with the capacity of experiencing dozens of emotions on any given day. How we deal with our emotions will determine how well we live our life and even the course and direction of our life.
Their are 14 major strategies in handling any emotion, whether it be anger, worry, anxiety, depression, etc. Learning the correct way to regulate our emotions is critical.
This seminar will give you the right approaches in developing how you handle your emotions.

PERSONALITY DISORDERS We all come into this world healthy but none can avoid the storms of life that wreck us. We all become flawed. We can deal with our flaws in an effective way but for those that are ineffective, their flaws can lead to a disorder.
Approximately 10-12% of the population have what is considered a personality disorder. Their are 12 major personality disorders. Chances are you either work with someone, are related to someone, or know someone who has a personality disorder or boarding on a particular disorder.
This seminar will look at the 12 majors personality disorders–how to understand, how to work with them, and how to effectively come out of them.

ESSENTIALS EVERY COUPLE NEEDS There are 3 major categories that have to be analyzed for every relationship: Values, Temperament, and Interpersonal Skills. Couples will find a relationship difficult and even destructive if they do not master these essentials.
This seminar discusses all three categories to determine whether a couple can truly have a happy, healthy, and have a successful relationship.

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